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The WyPink Concept

Traveling along with you

Continually striving for excellence, WyPink has elected to focus entirely upon three target audiences : starters, companies and liberal professions.


Highly motivated and bursting with energy, starters often tend to scatter their efforts and actions without having a clear vision of what they’re trying to accomplish – getting off the starting blocks too quickly and without a sense of the precise values they want their project to embody. It is WyPink’s mission to help starters unearth and bring these values to light, helping them to align actions with values to produce powerful and lasting results.


Taking into account a company’s size, background and needs, WyPink provides tailor- made coaching plans suited to leadership, management and talent-management levels. Depending upon your specific needs we synchronize and amplify the signal on the chosen axis.

Liberal professions

Despite the fact that they do not pertain to the same sphere, the internal functioning of liberal professions is similar to the commercial or industrial domains – profitability, reputation, competition, the need to grow and prosper, clients’ satisfaction and staff motivation are all important elements to take into account to endure.

We envision your potential

WyPink provides auditing, coaching, counseling, team-building and talent-development, helping you carry out your projects by aligning your hidden dreams, deepest aspirations and ultimate values.


Uncover your vision


Inspire your staff


Secure customer loyalty


Communicate with passion

There’s nothing WyPink does in a conventional way !

WyPink also organizes workshops for managers in unusual settings such as tree-houses or camping-cars in picturesque landscapes.

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The WyPink news

WyPink Auditing : transcending emotions

In this important trust company of Liège, the
internal communication was at a low point,
especially between management and workers.
The 18 employees were also dissatisfied with the
relationships with their clients, and more broadly
with the day-to-day way of working.